Who Can Join SIGIS and How

Members are required to pay the annual membership fee. Members who for two consecutive years, even if requested, do not comply with the payment of the membership fee are considered to have lapsed.

The Board of Directors also unanimously resolves issues regarding the forfeiture of Membership for serious and justified reasons, having consulted the interested parties. Members who intend to resign are required to notify the President of the Association in writing.

Membership and annual fee

The application for membership as Members, accompanied by the signatures of two Members, must be addressed to the President of the Association and must contain a detailed scientific and / or welfare curriculum vitae et studiorum (in European format). Admission is proposed to the President by the appropriate Members Commission and approved by the President him/her/themself. It is possible to submit the online application directly by filling out the appropriate form at the bottom of the page.

Online application procedure

Become one of us


Submit your application by completing the application form in all its parts.


After receiving the application approval email, it is possible to pay by bank transfer or directly online via Paypal.

REGISTRATION PAYMENT BY BANK TRANSFER: Arrange a bank transfer in the amount of 30.00 or 60.00 (in the case of graduates in medicine or psychology over 35 years) with the following REASON: [name] [surname] payment of the registration fee to the bank account in the name of: Società Italiana Genere, Identità e Salute (SIGIS) ETS
IBAN: IT 89 A 03069 09606 100000181196
To speed up the process, you can send the bank transfer receipt to the address:


Here’s how much you should pay:

  • Ordinary member above 35 years old: €60,00
  • Ordinary member under 35 years old: €30,00
  • Affiliated members: €30,00

Click here to proceed with the payment.


Wait for the confirmation email that will be sent to the address indicated in the application form.